Taking Your Dog


We drove all the way from Texas to Panama City, Panama and back with our dog.  We would like you to feel comfortable about taking your dog with you on a trip like ours. Click here for an article published in the September/October issue of Escapees Magazine telling you how you can take your pet into the countries of Central America.   For more information on forms, etc. check out this site for general info:


As of 2006 it is no longer necessary to take the APHIS form (mentioned in our article and below). Just take a valid Rabies Certificate (make copies for each border crossing).

See Belize for the procedure to receive a permit in advance there. WARNING: Dog owners should not plan on camping at Caeser's in Sta. Elena, Belize. The owner's dogs have been reported to be viscious to visitng dogs.

Boarding Your Dog and Vets


We boarded Brindle in Panama City while we cruised the canal.  We placed her with veterinarian Nora LaPenta:

LaPenta Veterinaria
Altos del Chase, Pmá (El Dorado District)
Telephone: (507)2360549

Nora speaks English and is well known in veterinary circles.

There are a number of other veterinary clinics listed in the Yellow Pages.


Here is a vet recommended by one of our readers. " ....there is  a great vet in San Pedro Sula, Honduras ..... He speaks english very well and is a very decent guy who likes dogs.  Dr. Tito, ph 558 0100 or cell 3390 1460. Email: Titovet08@hotmail.com (unconfirmed)

Here is a copy of the USDA APHIS Form for Brindle after being stamped by each country at least once!
Note that we did not use the APHIS form on our second trip in 2006. It is not necessary. Just have a current rabies certificate.