Bypassing Guatemala City
This shortcut around Guatemala City was provided by Thor Jansen. Others who have tried to go through the city have ended up lost for hours.  If you fall into this trap, ask a local or a taxi driver to guide you.  We had to resort to this in Huehuetenango and Antigua Guatemala. On both occasions the local was happy to direct us for the cost of a bus back to his origin. We usually gave them an extra dollar.

Be cautious about following guide maps because they often omit the one-way designation of the streets,  so you end up being  shunted onto an unknown route.

These directions are for traveling from the north on the Pan-American Highway and transiting to the east on CA-9 towards Puerto Barrios.  It works in reverse as well.

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  1. Pan-American Highway from the north
  2. Pass turnoff to Mixco/Lomas de Portugal in suburbs (watch for signs)
  3. Continue on Calzada Roosevelt 5.5 km (3.3 m).  This is a major road past offices, etc. (there is a Hiper Piaz here to do your shopping).
  4. Look for Anillo Periferico, next to 31A Avenida. 
  5. Go under the Periferico bridge that passes over Calzada Roosevelt
  6. Just past bridge, on right, is Hiperpaiz, a major discount store a la Wal Mart. Stop and shop!
  7. Get on the Periferico heading east.  Entrance is behind Hiperpaiz
  8. Continue on the Periferico 4.5 km (2.8 m).
  9. Go over river on large bridge
  10. Take the second exit immediately after the bridge.
  11. Go under the road and continue east (still called the Periferico, but smaller road)
  12. 0.8 km (.5 m) jog to right on 2A Calle
  13. 200 meters, turn sharp left at fire station (following road)
  14. 250 meters, large brewery (Cervezaria) in front of you,  jog sharp right on 6A calle,
  15. 300 meters (3 clocks) major intersection bear right then left to jog onto 5A Calle
  16. Continue on 5A Calle (Calle Marti) to the east.  This becomes CA 9, the highway to Puerto Barrios